Montana Energy Transition

Montana Renewables™, LLC is modifying existing assets at the Great Falls facility to process up to 15,000 barrels per stream day (“bpsd”) of renewable feedstocks (such as seed oils, used cooking oil, and tallow) into low-emission sustainable alternatives that directly replace fossil fuel products. The project is underway and the renewable manufacturing plant will begin renewable feedstock processing in September of 2022.

As the world recognizes a sustainability responsibility, the Montana Renewables project is poised to make immediate carbon reductions and stands ready to grow and innovate further as we detail in our Green Financing Framework.

This is an exceptional business that will lead the Montana Energy Transition. Our renewable supplies are needed in Canada and the West Coast, and our specialty asphalt plus conventional fuel supplies for Montana will remain available.

Calumet in Montana

Today we provide clean, reliable, and affordable energy to Montanans. In 2015 we made the biggest single investment ever in Cascade County. Our new plan is to build on that – by driving an Energy Transition that works right here in Montana.



Calumet is a proud member of the Montana business community. We provide good, high-paying jobs and opportunities to great people.

Calumet’s presence adds more than 2,600 permanent, year-round jobs to Great Falls

500 construction jobs added for the duration of the conversion project

Payroll and benefits average over $100,000 annually per Calumet employee

Calumet delivers excellence in all areas of operations. We strive to provide premium products in the safest and most environmentally-friendly way possible.

More than $600 Million invested since Calumet acquired the Great Falls business in 2012

Capacity output has increased from 10K to 30K barrels per day (bpd)

Carbon sequestration of 40 wt% of feed into specialty asphalt (recyclable)

Community Spirit

Our history of community involvement includes our support of United Way, Great Falls Food Bank, energy assistance for residents, educational grants, regular safety exercises with Great Falls Fire & Rescue, and other causes that are important to us and the local community. Calumet’s Community Advisory Panel provides a routine face-to-face venue to exchange information, perspectives, plans, and facts that matter to Great Falls.

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New Renewable Feedstock Configuration

Montana Renewables is well suited for modification to processing crop oils now. With the EPA expected to approve canola oil as a feedstock, that will enable high-latitude farmers the ability to participate in supply.

New Renewables Train

Utilities and infrastructure already in place: (3) hydrogen plants, rail racks, truck racks, multiple steam boilers, redundant electrical feeds, high pressure natural gas connection, water treating, flares, DCS control systems, light ends recovery, sulfur and nitrogen recovery, leased rail fleet, and a workforce that is highly trained and tenured.

64% Carbon Reduction

Montana Renewables has conservatively estimated that the renewable fuel we produce, when compared to conventional fuel, achieves a 64% reduction in carbon intensity (1) . In reality, we expect to achieve a greater reduction once fully credited for the hydropower as well as offsets for the rail transportation advantages


Project Quick Facts

Providing Solutions

To have a positive impact on the challenges facing people and the planet.

Energy Transition

We are leading the energy transition in Montana transportation fuels and adding jobs in the process.

Speed to Market

We are uniquely positioned to convert our existing assets to renewable feedstock quickly and efficiently, with a timeline of less than one year. We are not the only company pursuing this kind of project, but the work needed to ready Great Falls is much less. Local, state and Congressional government support adds speed.

Strategic Partner

We have seen strong interest from a broad and diverse spectrum of potential partners who can help make this project successful for Calumet and for Montana.

Full Employment

The unique opportunity allows for an energy transition project that creates jobs both locally and at the corporate level.

Montana Farm and Ranch

High growth prospects for the Great Falls energy transition, combined with our vision to source feedstocks locally, will benefit Montana as we create new economic value chains.

Local Support

Montana Renewables is grateful to have strong support of local, state and Congressional government, as well as the community.

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte spoke at the Montana Renewables ribbon cutting event, cut the ribbon and gave the order to unload the first railcar of renewable feedstock (right). U.S. Senator Steve Daines of Montana received a first-hand tour of the progress being made on the project (below).

Green Financing Framework

In accordance with our strategy, Montana Renewables has designed a Green Financing Framework to guide future issuances of various types of financings MRL elects to use (e.g., bond issuances, term loans, convertible notes, securitizations, among other options).

This Framework addresses the core components and key recommendations of the Green Bond Principles (2021) published by the International Capital Markets Association and the Green Loan Principles (2021) published by the Loan Market Association and the Loan Syndication and Trading Association.

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